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Put on a Show

Use Intelligent Marketing Tech to Get More Visitors to Your Next Exhibition

In order for any trade show vendor to have a successful show, they must draw a large number of visitors to their booth. 

This should be the main goal for any trade show vendor since the more visitors that show up to the booth, the better chance that vendor has of converting sales.

There are many ways to bring more visitors to your booth. Most methods are specifically designed to cater to specific audiences. Usually, when vendors think about how to draw more visitors, they start by defining their intended audience - who they are, why they might be there and what do they want or need from their trade show experience. 

Once a vendor identifies their desired audience, they usually use one of the following methods to draw them in:

1) Valuable giveaways

Vendors typically give their visitors an exclusive gift. Whether it’s valuable, useful, entertaining, or fun, people like to receive free gifts. For the vendor, this one simple action creates buzz and generates leads. 

2) Formal Invitations

Vendors use formal invitations to invite select attendees.These invitations are similar to wedding invites or birthday party invites. But why would you want to limit your exhibition to only select visitors? The goal should always be to generate the most leads.

3) Demos

Vendors will use demos to attract visitors to their booth. Doing live product demos usually draws in a large crowd because it is a form of entertainment. People remember demonstrations long after the event. 

These methods do have their uses, but each requires a lot of time and effort from the vendor. Setting up giveaways, invitations, or demos cuts into organizers’ busy schedules. Time they could be using to better their product or exhibit. 

Mapsted’s advanced location-based solutions include hyperlocal intelligent marketing technology that allows vendors to send location and behaviour-based pop-ups directly to attendees’ smartphones to keep them informed of exhibit events, or exclusive offers on products only available at the show. 

Using Mapsted’s intelligent marketing technology, vendors can send welcome messages and direct visitors to specific areas when they enter the show. Not only do visitors receive direct notifications, but they also get turn-by-turn navigation to the booth through Mapsted’s integrated indoor GPS system, ensuring they never miss a live presentation or demo.

Vendors try to draw as many people to their booth as possible, because the larger the audience, the more chances they have to make sales. Mapsted’s hyperlocal intelligent marketing technology instantly notifies, attracts, and guides visitors straight to the vendor’s booth, providing their exhibit with a greater number of leads. 

Ready? Reach out and we’ll help you get all set up. 

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