Advantages of a Hardware-Free Location Solutions for Large Campuses

Universities have plenty of signage directing students where to go, and they also have information desks where students can ask about the latest goings-on around campus. Plus, campus events like games and concerts are also advertised regularly. So, why would a school need digital location-based solutions? And why should these solutions be hardware-free? For one, universities still haven't found a way to give students and visitors that stress-free campus experience they deserve - outside of the classroom that is. We all know school work will always be stressful. For another, universities are generally large and complex properties. Here are the top 3 reasons why large university campuses need a hardware-free location solution: 1: Enhance the university experience for all students One of the biggest disappointments a student can experience during university is being left out of an event. A large reason why so many students don’t attend extracurricular events is because they simply don’t know about them! With a hardware-free location solution, students can receive location-based notifications about events taking place around them on campus. For example, if a student is walking past the auditorium and there’s a play going on that night, the student will receive a push notification on their smartphone letting them know about that event. The student will also be able to get directions to that event when it's time to attend. 2. Navigate seamlessly from indoors to outdoors...and back again Campuses are made of multiple buildings. This means it's inevitable for a student to have to walk outside to get to their desired classroom. But, on a large campus, the buildings themselves are quite big and many students need assistance while inside too. Traditional wayfinding systems are compromised as soon as a user steps indoors. Students often lose signal, due to barriers such as walls or large objects. So, their traditional GPS is only useful for guiding them to the door. Having a hardware-free location solution will allow students to navigate effortlessly outdoors, and then directly to their classroom indoors. It will even guide them from one indoor building to another on the other side of campus. 3. Improve emergency and accessibility planning Obviously no one ever wants an emergency, but CampusGo allows emergency planning for students, visitors, faculty, and staff. It's no secret that in 2020, a large emphasis has been put on safety as the crime rates continue to rise seemingly with no solution in sight. Between 2001 and 2018 the overall number of reported on-campus crimes increased by 6 percent. In the event of an emergency a hardware-free location solution will provide real-time information so that everyone can move quickly and stay safe. CampusGo lets users plan their emergency routes specifically around their needs. If they need ramps for wheelchairs, CampusGo will guide them on routes where ramps are available. Having a hardware-free location solution ensures that when it's absolutely necessary to escape a building, you’ll always have a way and you won't have to worry about your smartphone losing connection. Turn-by-turn directions and detailed map images will help everyone escape harm. Simply put, implementing a hardware-free location solution, such as Mapsted’s CampusGo, on a large campus will ensure everyone who experiences the campus is relieved of unnecessary stress and maximizes their time on campus.

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